Welcome to Our Store

Introducing our own name branded product lines and accessories for your firearms. All of our products are designed and manufactured in house. We source over 90% of our raw material from U.S Based companies and manufacture here in our Plano, Texas location. 

Tejas Products is a small family run business since 2002. Almost everything you see here on our site we use on our own personal handguns and rifles...

  • Free Shipping to the U.S
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Most of our products can also be purchase on other retail giants such as Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. 
  • Custom Laser engraving and design
  • Custom Vinyl printing and design

We are adding new products all the time.

Below are some of our new ideas and product lines, check them out.

Many personalized gifts to choose from

Let us custom engrave your name or logo in one of our beautiful gift sets. Groomsman, Birthdays, retirement and more. Simply call or email us with your request. All engraving is included free with your purchase.



Below are links to Suppliers, Forums and preferred 

service providers that we have done

business with and recommend.

                                              CAJUN GUN SMITH

                                            If your in the North Texas area and are looking for

                                               competent, quick service with excellent pricing 

                                                   check out Mike over at Cajun Gun Smith 


Galloway Precision

Great source of hard to find parts and

Canik Fanatik forum

All things Canik

Lima Charlie

Great line of wearables